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What is SEO Web Hosting?

We would like to speak to business people, in a non-technical way. SEO Web Hosting is more of a business term, than a technical term. A new term, it is a response to the complexity of "Getting a Web Site", or "Getting Ranked in Google". Understanding, or even choosing an SEO consultant to understand it for you, has become too complex a task for the average business owner, marketing director, or employee.

Keeping it Simple

We do not expect or require you to understand technical terms or jargon. This web site explains certain terms, for the purpose of helping you choose a vendor (or vendors) for your web - related needs. However, if you already want to choose us to handle all your web-related needs, then you need not read on, or understand any of this. Get started with SEO Web Hosting today.

How to choose a Web Host, or Search Engine Optimizer

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) are by nature, a task of the consultant. That consultant should have a marketing background, as well as a technical background. Otherwise, their recommendations might be "lopsided", incomplete, overboard, or "cookie-cutter" (one size fits all). These are issues regarding choosing vendors for web-related services.

Domain Names

You can choose and buy your domain name(s) from us here.

Race to the Top

Get in the race to the top of Google results before it is too late. The longer your web site has been there, the higher it will rank. Also, Google's "sandbox" policy does not show new web sites at all for 6 months anyway.

No SEO Web site?

No problem. We can build an SEO Web site for you, or customize your current web site, to get you started.

10-6 Guarantee

We guarantee the following: If you subscribe to SEO Monitoring, and approve our suggestions, your site will rank in at least the top 10 of a major search engine in 6 months.

Web Design

Our web hosting services compliment our Search Engine Optimization services in ways that our competitors cannot. For example, our designs are simple and lightweight, which improves their search engine ranking.

SEO Consulting

If all you need is a Web Hosting, or even SEO Web Hosting, we can help you. But not as much as we could help you with SEO Consulting.

Do you know what it takes to get to the top of search engine rankings? at a technical level? at a marketing level? Let us help you make your marketing dollar go farther.

SEO Monitoring News

03.03.09  New SEO Client signs on for a brand new SEO Web site with SEO Web Hosting,and SEO Consulting.
04.02.09  New SEO Web site Launched! was released to the public the day after April Fools Day.
04.04.09  Launched to #1 in 3 days!
By Saturday, we had the #1 ranking in Yahoo, on his key phrase, as well as an unexpected key phrase.