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SEO Consulting

Looking for a new web site that search engines will find?When people search Google local, they better find you. Otherwise, they will find someone else. Let us help you be the first one in the list!

Getting Ahead

How much do you need to spend on SEO? Initially, the rule of thumb at the marketing conferences is this: The initial SEO work = the initial cost of the web site. We are the only web site makers who's web site proposals reflect this 50%/50% ratio.

If you already have a web site that you are happy with, but you did not pay 50% for SEO, then you probably need to improve your ranking on search terms that your targeted consumers are actually searching Google for. Let us help you:

  • Figure out what those key phrases are
  • Optimize your site accordingly
  • Monitor your sites progress (SEO Monitoring)
  • Keep your site ranked well

Whether you already have a web site or not, our SEO services are sure to increase your sites ranking.

SEO Monitoring

SEO is a moving target. The search engines often change their criteria for top rank. Your competitors' web sites could pass you at any time. If they pass you, what will you do? Buy a whole new web site? Pay Google off with Ad Words?

Better Solutions

Don't take on the world by yourself. Let us represent you on the web. We can get you to the top and keep you there. We can look at what your competitors are doing, and make recommendations regarding how to pass them. SEO is more of a one-step-at-a-time, continual process.

Keeping Up

Why do you need an SEO consultant to keep an eye on your site?

  • We know what to look for. We can look at your competitor's web site and code to get an idea of how they may have passed you in the Search Engines. Then we will tell you how we can trump their lead.
  • We know when to do what: You don't always want to do too much SEO work at once. The search engines will think you are cheating. Gradual SEO improvements and site updates look good to the search engines. We recommend that you only do enough to trump your competitors, see how it goes, and improve if/when necessary.
  • No surprises - Key phrase monitoring - We will track your sites progress by searching on your key phrases. We will let you know when/if We need to adjust, tune, or add content to your site, in order to maintain or improve Search Engine Ranking. if We need to make such an adjustment, We will provide you with an estimate of its cost, and await your approval.

Get ahead, and stay ahead!

Get ahead with SEO consulting, and make sure that you stay ahead with SEO Monitoring. Then we can get in the race to the top Search Engine Rankings!